Emergency Leak Services

Leaky roof? Give us a call. Our experts will assess your situation and quickly and effectively repair your roof.




Maintenance and Repair Service

A pond on your roof? Bare felts? Vegetation? We can help! LaFleche Roofing can handle all sorts of roof repairs. Talk to us about preventive maintenance. A good preventive maintenance program will solve those small problems before they become big problems.




Inspection Services

Regular roof inspections are a critical component of a preventive maintenance program. Protect your roofing investment, have our professionals inspect your roof today.





Time for a new roof? LaFleche's roofing experts can professionally install your new roof and you can be assured of the quality of the workmanship





LaFleche Roofing can install rooftop equipment such as HVAC units.



Is your roof in bad shape? Replacement is not always the answer. LaFleche Roofing can expertly restore roofs and extend the useful life of your valuable investment.